Room Additions in St. Joseph MO

Room Additions in St. Joseph MO

Room additions are a fun and unique way to increase the visual appearance, functionality, and value of your home. During our in home consultation, our experts aim to best educate our customers on the many options that are available and to eventually plan and budget an addition that best fits your needs. We are a top construction company in St. Joseph Mo.

Room Addition St. Joseph

Looking for a second story addition to your home? Need more space and want a new family room addition? From architectural and design services, to demolition and all the way through to completion, St. Joseph Construction will be with you every step of the way. A room addition is a smart way to increase square footage without having to buy a new house.
Typical Home/Room Additons include:

Second story addition
Extend living room
Family room
Sun room
Additional bedroom
Mother-in-law suite
Art studio
Home office
Breakfast nook

If you are looking to create more space in your house in St. Joseph with a room addition or a second storey addition you will need to hire the best construction contractors for your project. St. Joseph Construction is your ideal choice. With a skilled construction team and many years of experience in constructions, St. Joseph Construction can help you on all the steps of your project, from design and architectural services, to demolition and building all the way through to completion of your home remodeling project. A room addition is one of the best ways to give a new life to your home and to increase your home surface without buying a new home.

St. Joseph Construction company works in partnership with one of the best St. Joseph showrooms, St. Joseph Construction Kitchens and Baths, where you can choose upgrades to your countertop, lighting, flooring, cabinets, sink, and faucet, at very affordable pricing.

A room addition is a win-win solution to all your space problems in your house. However, a room addition is like building a mini house, it involves all of the same things that a new home construction: permitting, footers, foundation, zoning, framing, flooring, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, new windows, and the list goes on. Due to the complexity of this kind of project it is in your best interest to choose the best building contractor company to carry on the works at your home remodeling project. Only this way you can be certain of a smooth and hassle free process.

Hiring the wrong construction contractor can have devastating consequences for your home remodeling project. St. Joseph Construction is you best choice of Construction Company in St. Joseph and you can count on their impressive experience in the field. The positive reviews from their previous customers are highlighting their great professionalism and skills. We also work closely with St. Joseph Construction Kitchens and Baths, a St. Joseph showroom, where you can get upgrades to your cabinets, countertop, sink, faucet, flooring or lighting at exceptional pricing.

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First of all, congratulations on your plans to expand your home. Whether it’s a new member of the family, a needed upgrade to your property, or finally building the dream room that you’ve always wanted, room additions are an exciting an important part of home redesign. Additions increase your living area and the value of your house, while letting you stay in your current home instead of moving.

In addition to creating space, a room addition offers the chance for a refreshing design renovation. That’s why it’s very important to take advantage of the benefits of having a team of designers and builders working together. The best room additions work naturally with your home on the inside and out. A beautiful extension should flow naturally with the exterior of the house while also appropriately complementing the interior style.

As we plan and construct room additions with our clients, we like to ensure that you are happy with every aspect of the project. This includes thinking creatively to design an inspiring new room, while also keeping in mind the fine details of zoning, budget, neighborhood considerations, and investment returns. We can find a way to make it happen, whatever it is that you want to accomplish with your addition.

Planning: exploration and inspiration

Brainstorming will be most successful if you set aside thoughts about your current home and just imagine what it is you really want. Do you want an office space with lots of natural light? Do you wish that the master bedroom was on a different floor? When you lay down your real aspirations, it becomes easier to envision how to make it happen, even if it does mean constructing or taking down a wall, or adding a second-story space where there currently isn’t one.

There are also many details to work out regarding zoning and neighborhood regulations. Before work begins, we’ll help you determine what rules apply to your room addition project and how to work with those rules. We can also help work with the rules of a homeowners association or come up with a design that makes sure your home fits in seamlessly with the neighborhood.

Another consideration is return on investment. Even if you intend to stay in the home for many years, the value of your addition can affect appraisals and other matters. Many room additions offer exceptional return rates, and you can see average data for California additions here. Neighborhood considerations are another factor. For example, if every house on the street has more bathrooms than your house, you could significantly help the market value and sales chances of your home by adding a bathroom.


Deciding a budget allows you to get the ball rolling on room additions. With a budget in mind, we can begin determining the most cost-effective ways to create your dream room. It also ensures that you stay on top of recouping your investment.

Room additions have special considerations for budgeting because different types of addition projects can require very different amounts of materials and labor. Most importantly, we have to determine the costs of building out or building up.

Whether your room addition will be built outward on an existing floor or if it will create a new second-floor space represents an intriguing decision for you and your property. If you do not have yard space to spare, than a second-floor addition will be necessary. However, you might want to weigh the merits of extending into unused yard space.

Building outward on your first floor can often be relatively easy and it lets you extend current spaces as you wish. It generally requires extending the foundation of the home, and plumbing and electrical wiring may or may not be tricky depending on how things are configured.

Second-story room additions avoid the issue of building new foundation. We just have to ensure that your existing foundation can bear the additional weight safely. Plumbing and wiring can often be extended upward with ease.

Of course, whether you build out or up, your home will be receiving a major facelift. It’s up to you how you want your new home to look. There’s an endless variety of options out there. An entirely new second floor transforms your property, while backyard extensions like this one can be invisible from the front curb.


Bedroom are often the most popular type of room addition. One classic variety of addition is the “mother-in-law’s bedroom,” often built on the second story of a home or in a furnished attic space. However, there’s a great range of possibilities here. You can build a lavish new master bedroom suite and convert your old bedroom to an upgraded child’s room, for instance.

Some of the best return rates for home renovations come from bedroom additions. An added benefit is that an extra bedroom can always be converted into an office or other space. Once you have the new room completely finished as a bedroom, you’ve truly added important square footage to your property.


By increasing the number of bathrooms in your home, you make life easier on a daily basis. Your home also becomes more hospitable to visiting guests and more attractive to future buyers.

In addition to good return on investment and often a relatively low cost of construction, a new bathroom or half-bathroom also makes nearby rooms and bedrooms more useful and enjoyable. Here are some great inspirations for bathroom addition ideas.

Work or play: offices and entertainment rooms

Sometimes the best use of room additions is when you obtain the perfect workspace or give your family a dedicated entertainment room.

Cinema rooms are very popular and can be created in attic additions or full-fledge new room extensions. You can also create a more flexible entertainment space with a television and other amenities, allowing you to make your regular living room more formal or romantic without all the electronics. The possibilities go on.

Room additions can be extensions of your personality and interests. Here’s an example of a two-story library space built out of a room addition. Use your imagination and we can help you bring to life a personal space that suits your hobbies or lifestyle.

Design and construction together

Having designers and builders work together under one umbrella ensures that we can stay true to your vision. We also ensure that all room additions we construct are perfectly suited to your home and surroundings, whether that means matching like styles or creating appropriate contrast. Our expertly crafted room additions feel like a natural part of the home.